Embracing motherhood is the best feeling for humans.  If you are a new mum or planning to bear a baby soon, you know the list of must-haves is so big.  We, as new mommies invest most of our time either searching for new things or spending hours learning using them. One of the most desired things is a baby monitor app.

Yes! You heard it right. If you wish to keep an eye on your little darling in your absence, you need a baby monitor.

Why Do You Need A Baby Monitor App?

The baby monitor is your perfect partner, that keeps the record of your toddler’s activities without much trouble. Later you can watch all the fun (pun intended), he had in your absence, through the baby monitor app installed on your phone.

Technology is evolving every day. Everything changes so quickly, in the case of baby apps, every other developer is trying to improve their applications for better use for new parents.

There are plenty of apps available for free or paid for iPhones and Android. So, if a dedicated camera is not your cup of tea, these apps are good for you.

Here, we have carefully selected a few apps that will surely change your parenting experience ….

Have a look.

List of 10 Best Baby Monitor Apps

You can convert any cell phone into a baby monitor just by installing a perfect baby monitor app on your cell phone. All you need is a good quality Wi-Fi, a working phone camera and an advanced baby monitor app.

Now, you are going to go with your DIY Baby monitor.

We have investigated the 10 best apps for you, check what we have brought new for you.

Baby Monitor 3G (Android and IOS)

Baby Monitor 3G

This app is your time investment. Yes, it’s not free, but it doesn’t come with any hidden charges. This app works well with both your Wi-fi in your home or data plan when you are travelling.

However, this app does not have multi-camera support. The key feature of this app is being so user-friendly. It just needs a few taps to set the baby camera and you are good to go in less than 30 seconds. You can also switch from video to still photos to preserve the data.

The nightlight feature brightens the camera effects at night. The app monitors the baby’s sleep by an activity log. The 3G baby monitor also offers lullabies playback and talkback options to soothe your darling.

You can also share a single purchase of the app to different devices. All you need to have is a family share plan through Google Play or Apple ID.

Dormi Baby Monitor

Dormi Baby Monitor

The Dormi Baby monitor app for Android devices is complete. The free version works 4 hours a month, therefore, you need a paid version.

It works with Wi-fi or a data plan and has a secured connection to avoid hacking.

Dormi baby monitor offers multiple parent units, which means both the parents can monitor the baby’s movements. The app has adjustable noise levels automatically. This feature detects the baby’s sound while crying and can amplify sound on the parent’s unit.

The talkback feature enables you to soothe out your baby anywhere in the house. The app vibrates to notify with a gentle beep when your baby cries.

The website claims to have sophisticated video software, that is designed for less battery drainage.

Its graphic interface video is not automatic therefore, you need to press the button and hold to view the video.

WiFi Baby Monitor

WiFi Baby Monitor

The babyPhone Mobile is similar to other apps. It offers a video feed, audio and a talkback option. It can support humidity and temperature sensors in your child’s room.

If you want to avail all the features of the app fully, you need a paid subscription. The free version disconnects after every 30 minutes, therefore are less practical.

The app has multiple parent device options. You can watch the baby on different devices.

This app lacks a low-light camera vision but it comes with a flashlight function.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor is an iOS app, which comes in a one-time payment. This works fine with iPhone, iPad,iPod touch and Apple Watch or Mac.

The prominent feature of this app is, it not only works on Wifi and 3G or even Bluetooth.

You can play white noises along with lullabies and of course a talkback.  We like the app because you can adjust your brightness levels without disturbing your little kiddo.

Ahgoo Baby Monitor

Ahgoo Baby Monitor

As the name suggests, this app is as interesting as its name. This app is a clean and easy app for iOS.

The Ahgoo Baby monitor works over 3G and Wifi. It uses an easy to set QRcode system to connect the baby’s camera with mum and dad.

Ahgoo Baby monitor is very easy to use, however it misses the lullabies and talkback.

Wifi Baby Monitor

Wifi Baby Monitor

The Wifi Baby Monitor performs different versions of the app at different price points. A no-cost version is audio-only. An upgraded one includes signal range, video feed and two-way communication capabilities.

This app is a good option to track the humidity or temperature.

The feature that caught our eyes is a password-protected entrance. It provides full encryption, even if you are using it for free.

Nancy Baby Monitor

Nancy Baby Monitor

Nancy’s baby monitor is compatible with every platform including Android, Mac and Windows. The instant alerts and two-way feature lets you hear your little cheeky monkey anytime.

The most amazing news is, you don’t need to set up an account or provide any email address. You can simply pair up your phone by using a verification code system for easy set-up.

At Home Camera

At Home Camera

You might have not thought a security camera app can be the best baby monitor app. AtHome Camera is a whole new app to change your thoughts.

AtHome Camera is another advanced application that turns your phone into a video surveillance device. This app is equally practical for androids or i OS.

This app is extremely easy to set up and ready to use. Besides baby monitoring, it works well for home surveillance.

AtHome camera is supported with time-lapse, HD recordings and multiple views. The monthly subscription is as low as $5.99.



BabyCam is also an amazing app that doesn’t require any prior subscription. This app connects you to Wifi and you can view your kid’s room from every corner of your house.

Like other apps of course requires a spare device to set up.

You can easily listen to your baby’s tender voice or can even talk to your baby. The active phone flash enables you to see the room in the dark.

The app works the same as claimed by developers. The only precaution is to plug in the device in your baby’s room to avoid battery drainage.

Luna App

Luna App Baby Monitor

Luna App is a basic monitor app with video and other features. Live video, audio and talkback are key features. However, the app doesn’t have a bell or whistle feature like many others.

The app is much like Dormi with a graphical interface, with an option to press the live streaming button. The best thing about Luna App is starting live video streaming when there’s any sound in the baby’s room.

Another appealing feature is less battery consumption. The manufacturers claim, this app consumes four times less battery power than the competitors.

So, if you are looking for a basic flawless app, this app can catch your eyes.

Our Personal Recommendation

When it comes to the select the best app, we have analyzed that Cloud Baby Monitor, Baby monitor 3G and Dormi are the most feature-rich and all-rounder applications.

If you are an android user, consider Dormi once. The app is perfectly designed for android users and specializes in every feature any android user wants.

We would recommend choosing any of the above-mentioned apps as they are carefully judged and tried by us.

You won’t regret using any of them. Still, the choice is yours, you can try the free version before making a subscription.

Final Thoughts

Baby monitors are the best invention in this technological era. These monitors have come a long way from the old-school walkie-talkie type of devices.

Gone are the days when you needed a separate monitor-specific device. Now, you can turn any extra phone or iPad into your baby monitor by using baby monitor apps available in the marketplace.

Turning up your phone into a monitoring app is not only a cheap but user-friendly idea. The baby monitor is one less thing you need to pack while planning for a trip with a little angel.

These baby monitor apps give you peace of mind when you are travelling or you are in the comfort of your home. Choose the app which works best for you and tadaaa!!!

Happy Parenting!!