Being pregnant and having a first new born in your hand, both things have very delightful experience. Caring your new born babies needs much attention, love and sense of humour too. There

may be many things that you deal with while you are keeping your baby safe and clean. Some of them are lotions, creams, oils and some other accessories too. But having a wet body of your baby in your hands is very risky thing especially in ancient time when people used to bath a baby in the kitchen basin. But now a days people are very aware of safety measures, they use bathtubs in order to wash body of new born siblings. Choosing a best baby bath tub is another challenge for every new mother, especially when it comes to buy it from online store. There are many things you can have a look on when you buy it like material, features and safety clauses. In this guide we going to cover all things in detail that will help you to choose it in single view. Now, let’s begin.

Why do you really need a baby bath tub?

We have discussed an ancient option to bath your baby in the kitchen sink or basin. The other one is the showing a baby under the bath shower, but due to slippery body. Just imagine it you are showing a baby in your hands, due to unbalance or some un intentional move, you baby get dropped from your Hands. In this case, there are some chances of life danger. To be on the safest side, everyone needs a bath tub that can easily adjustable with wash basin or in your bathroom. So here are some important guidelines that needs your quick overview before choosing one and adding it in your shopping cart.

  • Safety

First comes the safety of your baby, the bath tubs are made with frictionally surface that avoid slipping and gives you comfort of mind. So it is the safest thing to bath your baby.

  • Comfort

Along with safety feature, bath tub also provide you comfort in many ways. For very new mom, bath tub is not less than a magician that ease you to bath them fearlessly.

  • Convenient

It is very convenient for bathing a baby instead of using kitchen sink or bathroom that require to clean it before bathing. In my opinion which it not less than a hectic job for a new mom.

Types of bathing tubs

When it comes to the types of bathtubs, there are several options available to choose from. So keep it straight there are three easily available types of bath tubs that includes sinkable, convertible and basing tubs too.

  • Sink Inserted Tubs: As the name shows the placement of tubs in the sink. You can keep them easily in the sink of your kitchen. These are seats that are easy to insert in kitchen basin. These seats are used till baby reach 6 month old age.
  • Basin Tubs: Basin tubs are very easy to use in the the kitchen sink sue to their size. You can use them rill 2 years of your new born baby.
  • Convertible tubs: These tubs can easily resizable they can be big as your baby grows. Still they are in demand tubs for those who wanna buy tub for a one time only. They are a but expensive then other.

Best Baby Bath Tub Reviews

We have done a survey from hundreds of mothers, over the world and asked bout the most loved and hot picked baby products. They have mentioned some lovely picks that we gonna share with you. Stick to this article till the end and you will know each one by one. Let’s Dig in.

1. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

One of the top of our list is the First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe New born to Toddler Tub that is also available in amazon choice. It is also popular among the audience now a days. A highly rated tub consists of three stages, it grows as your baby grow from new born to toddler. The mesh sling provides extra support and comfort. The 3 in 1 design also hold your baby in the bath time. Mesh sling is made up of such material so it is very easy to wash, clean, easy to dry and anti-slip pads that provide some friction.


  • Used in sink as well as bathtub Used in standalone shower too.


  • Tub sling is worthless

2. PRIMO Euro Bathtub

The Second popular pick in our list is promo Euro bath tub that has over then 2500+ positive rating. The Primo is the best choice for toddlers up to 2 years growth. The Uniquely design white coloured bath tub is the best for those who are safety conscious as well as they want to be on the safe side while bathing a baby. It is the largest bath tub available in the market. Along with these it consists of two apartments for your babies. One of them is used for shampoo, sponge and remaining one is for baby toys as well. The shape of the tub is designed so it gives complete support to arms and legs in a bathing position also prevents baby to slip underwater during bathing. Its a durable purchase for long term investment.


  • Best Pick for toddlers for up to 2 years Durable, Unique Design


  • Some people said that it should not be made so ta baby can bath when laying

3. Blooming Bath Baby Bath

The Flower Patel like bloomy bath tub is made up of cloudy material which is used for babies up to 6 months. These petals are made up of quality polyester material that are very comfortable for your baby. Due to its conveniently fitting into the sinks they are liked by all. This type of soft material is very rare in most of bath tubs. These surfaces consist of two layers, one layer keep it in shape and other one helps it in making comfortable for your loved ones. Soft material avoid your baby skin to get in touch with the hardy surface of tub and from any damage. The soft surface consist of towel like texture that prevents your baby from slip when you are bathing. Such martial is very nicely washable that is much easier to clean than other.


  • Petal like soft & comfortable material. Very easy to clean and wash Easily fits into the sink.


  • Only used for up to 6 months baby It does not fit into large sinks

4. Puj Baby Bath Tub

The most popular among  new born babies is Puj Baby Bath Tub. The puj tub is easy to fold and made with very soft material. The Puj Brand is also making very good products but this one is the best one among all products. If you are looking for best pick in budget with safety. I would not hesitate to recommend it for you. Tub is easy to hang on and FREE of PVC. Foldable tub also fits in every type of sink. So it is the easy to keep and carry tub for your baby you ever have in your life. You can purchase it for best baby bathing Experience.


  • Foldable, light weight Easy to carry and hang on Easy to clean & Fits in every standard size sink


  • Price is a bit High

5. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

One of the most in our priority is Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck baby bath Tub. It is also listed in Amazon Choice due to large number of buying and demand supply. As a parents you must know that every baby loves attractive things and love playing with toys. So if you love your baby choice. You must select this one, if you wanna buy a beautiful toy as well. Rather than a toy, it has awesome features in it like indication of hot water in it. The tub turns to white when the water is hot. So it is indication of a safe side for your baby. You can carry it with you while travelling due to its easy to fold material. The base is made so it prevent your baby from slipping with wet body.  


  • Simple, Genius and beautiful tub Easy to carry while travelling.


  • Small in Size Difficult to Inflate

6. Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Boon Brand is famous due to its baby products on international. It has many products like bottle warmer and tubs too. Boon Naked baby bath tub is one of the most attractive product that is used for New born babies as well as toddlers. It is two stage tub. Unlike others products it is FREE from PVC. Along with awesome look It has easy to drain water facility. You can use it as you want. Due to its wide surface area you can use it as outdoor water pool too.

You and your kid will enjoy this in snowy weather when you are serving it as cooler. I am sure you would enjoy this product over the years.


  • Hangable with perfect size and shape.


  • Not for new born babies

My Personal Preference

For my newborn baby, i would love to have puj baby tub and for my toddler i would have primo bath tub. You can choose any tub by ready complete details of the product and personal preference.


Every parent Buy new accessories for new born baby but bath tub is one of the first to choose from. So you must choose it very wisely after having a clear idea what you are going to buy. We have reviewed the best products for you. you can Select best one to experience happy baby bathing.