Comotomo bottles are different from ordinary baby feeding bottles due to their design, quality, and features. These bottles are soft, just like the natural breasts, because these are made of silicon. So, it takes more warming time than the usual bottles. Are you worried or stuck in choosing the best baby bottle warmers for Como Tomo bottles? We are Reviewing Here Best Picks For you …

9 Best Baby Bottle Warmers for Comotomo Bottles

1) Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer

Munchkin High-Speed bottle warmer uses steam to warm the milk evenly. It has a compatible design that comes with a lift-out basket to easily remove food bags or even bottles without burning your hands.


  • Warms milk at a very high speed. It comes with easy following instructions. It has an auto shut-off safety feature. Preserve the natural nutrients in milk or baby food. Time setting option to control the heating time of milk. It has a reservoir which stores enough water to use it for warming several bottles. It can comfortably accommodate wide-necked bottles and goes best with the comotomo bottles. Durable and even comes with a warranty of one year.


  • No temperature setting, which means the milk gets over-heated or not heated properly so you can’t predict the temperature while heating. It needs different water levels for different types and kinds of bottles. So you have to accurately measure the water poured into it. It needs a proper cleaning routine as it might turn into rusting or burning color because of the stored water.

2) Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

Kiinde Kozii bottle and breast milk warmer works on a water bath system rather than boiling and steaming techniques which cannot damage the natural nutrients of food or milk.


  • Easy to use and warms foodstuff or milk evenly. It ensures to preserve the natural nutrients of milk. It has a time setting dial and auto shut-off feature for safety. It stores water in a reservoir to eliminate the need to refill it before every use. It can comfortably accommodate almost all types of bottles (including comotomo bottles), baby jars, and pouches.


  • It doesn’t have any temperature setting option, while this drawback might be covered with the time setting flexibility. Expensive compared to other warmers. Not fast, it takes the same time as a simple bowl filled with warm water. Extensive cleaning process.

3) Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer

Tomme Tippee is a famous brand of the baby bottle and food warmer. They have a variety of warmers, including a travel baby bottle warmer, which is very convenient to carry in your baby bag while going anywhere. These bottle warmers also work on the water bath systems.


  • Easy to use. Guaranteed preservation of natural nutrients in food and breast milk. Light indicator to show the on and off states. Most of their bottle warmers have a temperature setting option to prevent over-heating or boiling. It can easily fit almost all types of bottles, especially those with a wide neck like comotomo bottles. Cheaper than other warmers.


  • It is not very quick, so you need to be very patient. Can’t store water in the reservoir. You need to fill it every time.

4) Philips Avent Fast Bottle Warmer

Philips Avent bottle warmer is fast as it works on the boiling system. It keeps on circulating the bottle to warm the milk or baby foodstuff evenly.


  • Very fast and easy to operate. Warms milk or food evenly with the circulating bottle system. It has a manual that elaborates on all the instructions. Comes with three different temperature setting to control the temperature. It fits almost all types of bottles and baby jars, even those with wide necks like comotomo bottles.


  • It needs to be refilled before every use. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t have any auto shut off safety feature, which can result in the boiling water evaporating entirely and breakdown or destroy the warmer hence leaving no other option than buying a new one.

5) Boon Orb Bottle Warmer

I think I have found the Boon Orb bottle warmer the most stylish baby bottle warmer in the market. But it works with steam technology.


  • Fast and handy style. Safety auto shut-off feature. Stable non-skid base. It has a lift-out basket to bring out the bottle or pouch without getting burnt. It comes with the detailed instructions manual


  • Non-adjustable temperature. No alert sound after the complete warming of milk or foodstuff. Well, it can’t fit wide-necked bottles like comotomo bottles without removing the top ring. So you need to remove and put back the ring every time. Different types and sizes of bottles have different instructions. So you need to follow the manual every time you use a different bottle.

6) Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe bottle warmer can be operated through an LCD control panel and an easy touch keyboard. The one-touch start button feature is also enabled for the ease of users. Handy and easy to carry because of its lightweight and compact size.


  • Effectively warms several bottles at a time. Audio/ Visual alerts notify the completion of the warming cycle. Shuts down automatically after 8 minutes of completion. It also has a feature of repeating the cycle if a bottle is not warmed correctly. Different sizes of bottles can be fit because of the adjustable basket.


  • Very difficult to clean. It can overheat the bottle sometimes. The flip-top lid can cause injury if not handled properly. It can be easily cracked when dropped.

7) Eccomum Baby Bottle Warmer

A 6 in 1 double bottle warmer, especially for breast milk and baby food. Easily fits all baby bottles at a time. The operating temperature is 100 ∘c, which is ideal for killing bacteria and sterilizing bottles.


  • It contains 6 in one formula which can sterilize, defrost, heat quickly, etc. Can heat two bottles at a time. Ideal for parents to have twins because time is saved, and both the bottles can be heated at one time. Very easy to operate because of the LCD and touch screen interface. Temperature can ascend and descend smoothly. The device will be shut down automatically after the time is over.


  • Not easy to clean. Very big due to the capacity of 2 bottles. Due to the big size, it is not handy and cannot be carried along.

8) Bubos Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer

Bubos Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer is one of its kind. Works on an electric steam warming system and also loaded with lots of other features and qualities. It is no doubt one of the best bottle warmers available.


  • It contains an electric steam warning system. Heats the milk and baby food gently. Not brand specific works with all bottles. It is fast and efficient for heating milk. A good time-saving device.


  • Has limited capacity for bottles. Sometimes measurements are not accurate on the cup.

9) OMORC Baby Bottle Warmer

OMORC Baby Bottle Warmer operates at 500w and also 100% BPA free. Temperature mode is constant; there is no fluctuation for the maintenance of the quality of food.


  • Heats faster so the baby will not have to wait longer. Works according to the 2 in 1 technology, which contains Fast Heating MOde and Constant Heating Mode. Highly comfortable to use due to simple interface. Also includes an accurate temperature feature.


  • The measuring chart is not accurate. The top nipple gets too heated, and the bottle can not be fed to the baby directly.


1) Why use a Bottle Warmer instead of Regular Microwave Ovens?

That’s because microwave doesn’t preserve the natural nutrients of milk and can be harmful to the baby’s health. So it’s always recommended by the doctors also to use the best quality baby bottle warmers instead of microwaves. Now comes the most essential and conflicting point;

2) Which Baby Bottle Warmer to Use? 

The markets and online stores are full of baby products and baby bottle warmers. It might be a difficult job for you to select the best bottle warmer for your baby bottle. And different warmer has different functionalities that match certain different or specific types of bottles. Going specific with comotomo bottles, I must suggest one thing to use the warmer, which preserves the natural nutrients of breast milk or baby food so that your baby gets enough necessary nutrients. By observing and researching the markets and online platform, I am suggesting a few of the best bottle warmers with a few reviewed after my usage.