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Best Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways

11 Best Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways Reviewed (Updated 2022)

Baby gates for stairs and doorways are necessary for the safety of small kids. When we have to choose the best baby Gate for stairs, they normally come with the same features. However, the differences in the baby gates are in height, width, and some extra features.

It is to note that some baby gates stand out in the market with convenient features. From my point of view, KidCo Safeway Top of Stairs Gate is the best baby gate.

Most surprisingly, it is perfect for small kids and toddlers and has a double locking system. The quick-release Wall mount is also present in this baby gate, so you can easily remove and install it again.

Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways Reviewed

1. KidCo G2000 Safeway Top of Stairs Gate

You can choose this baby gate if you are searching for the best baby gates for stairs. We all know that kidCo is a great brand in producing high-quality products for babies. This baby gate is made up of high-quality and heavy-duty steel material.

The directional stop is also present, which prevents the gate from swinging out over the stairs. Normally, this product is specially designed for the top of stairs; however, you can also use it as a room divider. So when you put this gate at the top of the stairs, it gives maximum safety to your kids.


  • Made up of high-quality Steel
  • One-hand operation
  • Quick-release removal
  • Easy to install and easy to open


  • GATE opening is slim

2. Evenflo Secure Step Gate

Evenflo baby gate gives your kid maximum safety and protection as it is a high-quality baby gate. On the other side, you can also adjust the width of the baby gate according to your requirement.

The standard width of this gate ranges from 29-in to 42 inches, whereas its height is 76 inches. The easy glide handle is very convenient and simple to use with one hand. Normally, this baby gate is specially designed for the kids’ safety at the top of the stairs.

The good thing about this baby gate is that it opens in both directions and is ideal for high-traffic areas.


  • Made up of high-quality plastic and metal material
  • Easy-glide handle
  • Easy Walk-through
  • Tools are included for installation


  • Narrow gate

3. Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock Gate

A Cardinal gate is a special auto-lock gate made up of high-quality aluminum. As it is made up of premium quality aluminum material, it is lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Normally, these types of baby gates are fully made up of metal so that they would not break or wear out. It is an amazing baby gate specially made for the protection of the kids.

Like many gates, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects. Consequently, this baby gate is ideal for doorways, high traffic areas, and the bottom of stairs.


  • Comes with an optional stop bracket
  • Give you adjustable width
  • Powder-coated finish


  • Limited width adjustment range

4. Toddleroo Wide Easy-Close Baby Gate

Toddleroo is a great brand working for the safety of small kids. It is famous for producing high-quality baby gates for a variety of openings. If we talk about this baby gate, it is safe for babies from 6 to 14 months.

Just like many baby gates, this gate is also easy to install. It is a pressure-mounted gate that does not require additional hardware or tools. You can easily install the gate without any wall damage. Overall, it is a very stylish and beautiful baby gate with an exclusive white finish.


  • One-hand operation baby Gate
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable with two extensions included


  • Does not latch on to its own

5. Regalo 56-Inch Extra WideSpan Walk Through Baby Gate
Regalo 56-Inch Extra WideSpan Walk Through Baby Gate

If you are searching for the extra-wide baby gate, then this is perfect for you. Most surprisingly, you can expand the gate between 29 to 56 inches. However, it is 30 inches tall.

It is highly recommended to measure your opening before going for the purchase. In general, the baby gate is easy to use and install. A pressure-mounted design makes this gadget stand out in the market.

Overall, it has a durable and convenient design entirely of steel material. Sometimes, there is a gap between the gate and the wall during installation, but make sure that it should not exceed more than 2.5 inches.


  • Extra-wide baby gate
  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • Durable and convenient gate for kids
  • Multiple safety lock features


  • Sometimes, hard to open.

6. Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Many parents want an extra tall walk-through baby gate for their kids. Similarly, this gate is perfect for you. The good thing about this baby gate is that it is easy to install with the included kit.

Moreover, you can easily clean this baby gate with the help of a sponge or damp clothes using mild detergent. The unique thing about this baby gate is that it has an auto-close feature.

So you can easily close the door behind you and hold the open feature that keeps the door open. Not only for your baby, but you can also use this gate for your pet.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Heavy-duty baby gate for stairs


  • Expensive baby gate for stairs

7. Retract-A-Gate 52″ White
Retract-A-Gate 52 inch White

Retract-A-Gate stands out in the market because it is 100% original and made in the USA. It is a beautiful safety gate for your kids, which is durable and long-lasting. Most surprisingly, it is equipped with a see-through mesh with which you can easily see what is happening on the other side of the gate.

Wherever this baby gate is installed, it keeps your kids safe. It also gives you smooth and one-handed operation while closing or opening the gate. Overall, you can extend the gate to 52 inches, whereas it is 34 inches tall.


  • Extra-wide and tall baby gate
  • A universal mounting bracket kit is included
  • Two low profile pairs of bracket


  • Installation of the baby gate takes some time.

8. Toddleroo 3 in 1 Metal Superyard: 151″ long extra wide baby gate
Toddleroo 3 in 1 Metal Superyard 151 inch long extra wide baby gate

As the name depicts, this baby gate is specially designed for toddlers. It is a reliable and versatile baby gate that is 24 inches wide and 30 inches tall. You can easily make a free-standing baby safe area in seconds with no hardware required.

You can also extend your baby gate with extension panels. Keep in mind that these extension panels are sold separately. With the help of this baby gate, you can easily secure large openings or fireplaces conveniently.

As it is made of high-quality metal, no one can challenge its durability and quality. Overall, it is a long-lasting baby gate perfect for its safety.


  • Reliable and versatile baby gate
  • Give your baby a free-standing super yard
  • It can be extended with extension panels


  • A self-locking system is lacking.

9. Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted Baby Gate
Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted Baby Gate

It is a great baby gate that is perfect for the top and bottom of the stairs. Along with the top and bottom of the stairs, it is also perfect for doorways and hallways. You can easily clean this gate with a mild soap and damp cloth.

Most surprisingly, the baby gate is manufactured by keeping the index sizing system in mind. This system allows you to adjust the width of the gate easily and quickly using preset index positions. It is also equipped with an integrity tuning system that perfectly adjusts for vertical fit even when the walls are not smooth.


  • Perfect for stairs, doors, and hallways
  • Good for use at the top or bottom of stairs
  • Quick-release wall mount
  • Modern aluminum styling


  • Installation takes some time

10. Summer Custom Fit Walk-Thru Extra Wide Baby Gate
Summer Custom Fit Walk-Thru Extra Wide Baby Gate

Summer Custom Fit is a walk-through extra wide baby gate that is imported and perfect for wide spaces. You can also use it for a free-standing play yard. The height of this gate is 30 inches, and the width is from 65 to 87 inches; therefore, it is perfect for extra-wide openings.

Most surprisingly, your gate remains in place as it gives you hardware-mounted installation. Keep in mind that some tools are required for Hardware mounting. Overall, it is a customizable baby gate that is very simple to use with a one-handed walk-through door through which the parents can easily move from room to room.


  • Extra tall baby gate for stairs
  • Comes with an integrity tuning system
  • The double lock system on the handle


  • Maybe a lightweight baby gate for stairs

11. Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate
Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate

Qdos Crystal Designer, Baby Safety gate, is different from the above baby gate. The difference is that this one is made from high-quality crystal material, whereas the above ones are steel or aluminum.

So this will give your kid a new level of security where you can see your child anytime. As it is made up of Crystal, the baby gate looks very modern and stylish and adds to your home decor. Overall, it is a high-quality, durable baby gate with easy installation and is perfect for stairs and doorways.


  • Modern design with unparalleled safety
  • Simple installation
  • The gate is made up of high-quality crystal


  • Installation might take some time.

Different Types of Baby Gates

Babies like to play all the time whether it’s a toy or baby gates, they will keep doing fun with them. If you are going to purchase a baby gate for your little baby, you will be amazed to know that there are a number of options available. They could be made of wood, plastic, or metals. Each of them has its own pros and cons. We have tested a wall-mounted option for stair gates. On the other hand, the pressure-mounted baby gate works very well with flat surfaces or doorways. Let’s have a look on hardware mounted and pressure mounted gates.

Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

As the name indicates that these Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates are attached directly to the walls of your house. Brackets are usually used to be installed into the door frames.

Pressure-Mounted Baby Gate

These Pressure-mounted baby gates are used as an expandable spring system to lock the gate into a specific place by squeezing it between any of two walls or other types of surfaces. These springs create pressure to hold them in the right place. For holding them in the right place, rubbers are used. These are the perfect suit for flat surfaces or doorways

Buying Guide

There are a number of things and factors to consider while buying the perfect baby gate for your little kid. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Price
  • Type
  • Features
  • Safety

Among different types of buyers, price is the main thing to consider when you prefer the quality things in your budget.

The type of baby gate is not a neglectable factor. Whether you like metal plastic or wood gates among pressure mounted and hardware mounted gates.

Every type of gate has very precise and prominent features. You can have a look at the features according to your need.

Safety is very most important among all of them. You should make sure that your baby gate is secure enough to facilitate you in your home.


In the competitive market, thousands of baby gates are available, so it is difficult to choose the best one for you. In this buying guide, we have reviewed our tested top 11 best baby gates from which you can choose according to your choice, safety, and convenience.

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