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Britax Infant Car Seat Base

Britax Infant Car Seat Base Review (3 Layer Impact Protection)

Britax Infant Car Seat Base
Britax Infant Car Seat Base

When you purchase an infant car seat, you often wish to make it more secure, safe, and easy to install. For such a purpose, you need an infant car seat base. And not just any car seat base, but you need the Britax infant car seat base. That is easy to install, easy to use,
compatible,, and provides security from shocks and mishaps you crave for your child.

With 3 Layer

BRITAX B-Safe Endeavours Infant Car Seat


● Installation Type: Seat Belt, Latch ● Material type: Alloy Steel ● Target gender: Unisex ● Maximum weight recommendation: 35 pounds ● Harness type: 3-Point

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Sturdy frame

Britax infant car seat base is made up of alloy steel. The whole steel frame gives strength to the base and adds more to the safety of the base as well. A steel body makes the base much more robust than your typical plastic-body infant car seat bases, which wear out faster than their time. The steel body provides the durability you need, and in the face of calamity, it stabilizes the impact much better than the plastic one where you want it. Thus, this Britax steel-frame infant car seat base is a plus point you need in your life.


When you buy a car, one of many things you want from it is to be compatible. With Britax infant car seat base, you need not worry about it because it is highly compatible just the way you want it. This infant car seat base is compatible with many Britax products, including Britax B-safe 35, Britax B-safe 35 elite, Britax B-safe ultra, and endeavors infant car seats. And just like that, it highly travels flexibly as well.

Impact Absorbing Base

Britax infant car seat base comes packed with advanced features that make it just the right choice for you and your baby. One of the advanced features included in the Britax base is impact absorbing. The base is manufactured so that it absorbs energy and keeps your baby stable in the infant car seat. In the face of an accident or shock, the Britax base protects the baby from shock or a strong jerk by getting compressed and absorbing the crash energy. In this way, it reduces the potential for injury and keeps the baby safe and fit.

Latch Connectors

Have you ever thought about how you would connect your infant car seat base without much effort and with greater ease? Or are you in need of an easy-to-install car seat base? If you do and are worried about it, let me stop you there. Because with Britax infant car seat base-latch connector, nothing is left to worry about. By using the push-button latch connectors, you can smoothly connect the car seat with it. In addition to the latch connector, the base has built-in seat belt lock-offs to secure the infant car seat.

Safe Center LATCH Installation and built-in seat belt lock-offs create peace of mind by making it extremely easy to install the car seat base correctly.

Dual Level Indicator & Recline Lever

The full package seat base has dual-level indicators and reclines the adjustment lever. Present on both sides of the ground, the dual-level hand provides the right angle at which the car base should be placed for you to attach the car seat perfectly. On the front of the base, there is a spring-assisted recline lever. Pulling the recline adjustment lever can move the car seat base up and down. Pull the car seat base down until the red marker is visible between the two lines on the recline. Using the recline and dual level indicators, you can set and ensure the base is at the best angle to your vehicle.

Click & Go System

It is easy to attach the base to the vehicle of your choice. All you need to do is firmly pull the indicator to remove the lower base connectors. Keep pushing the button and stretch the lower base connectors to their length. Then press the lower connectors to the adjacent vehicle. Lower the anchors until you hear a click sound. And you are done. To ensure it is secured correctly, pull the lower connectors to check.

If you wish to tighten it, you can do so by simply pulling the lower connectors that are located at the center of the base. If the ground moves less than 1-inch front to back or side to side, the base is secured perfectly to the vehicle. Just click in the belts securely, and you are good to go.

Safe And Sound

As a parent, you want whatever product you purchase for your baby to be safe and secure for them to use. Here Britax got your worries covered by providing you the best of the best products that are safe to use and offer better security to your baby. The Britax infant car seat base has multiple above features that bear everything and keep your loved one safe and sound. These features include an impact-absorbing base, easy-on/easy-off latch connectors, click-and-go system, spring-assisted recline, and a dual-level indicator—all of which help to set the proper installation angle simple and easy.

Easy installation

The Click & Go system makes it simple to place the infant car seat into the base for easy and secure traveling. All you need to do is drop your infant car seat onto the bottom and push it down until you hear a click sound. To verify whether it is attached or not, you may pull the car seat up. If it does not detach, it is secured. To remove the car seat, hold the release lever on the back of the seat and remove it from the base. The drop-in design makes it simple to place the car seat into the bottom for easy and secure traveling.

Two Is Better Than One

If you own more than one car, you must purchase another Britax infant car seat base. Another car seat base will help you save time and from the tension of installing the car seat base repeatedly whenever you switch the car. Although it is super easy to install and use, in the hustle-bustle of life, having something already done to save your time and energy is always better. So, two is better than one. In this way, the Britax extra base provides ultimate travel flexibility in multiple vehicles.

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