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Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor| Night Vision With Two Way Communication System|
The Cubo Ai Plus is a unique and helpful smart camera designed especially for parents to watch their little ones. The baby monitor provides safety alerts to parents if their baby is crying, moving around, or even detects sleep analysis. The baby monitor is a camera with an intelligent two-way communication system that enables you to talk with your child if you’re outside or in another room. It has an environmental sensor that detects the temperature and humidity in the baby’s room. This camera has a unique design and features according to your liking and taste. This device does not only provide 1080p
video but also has a night vision that gives black and white video at night. Android and iOS are both compatible with his device.


Brand Cubo Ai Plus
Connectivity: Wifi
Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home
Video Quality: 1080p
Storage: Cloud
Two Way Communication: Available
Field of Vision:135 degree
Auto capturing photos: Yes
True Cry Detection: Yes
Cough Detection: Yes

Cubo Ai Plus Set:

The Cubo Ai Plus set comes with some vital equipment. These include a quick guide installation guide, connectors, a floor base that uses a water bag for increasing weight, a camera holder, and a crib attachment. The set also includes a mobile stand, USB power cable of different sizes, two adapters, and a power port where the environmental sensor dongle is plugged.

Design and features:

Want to have a trinket in your baby’s room that has a good design and fits everywhere in the room. Cubo Ai has a perfect plan for this purpose. It has a bird-like design, precisely like a lovable tech that you can use in your baby’s room. It is roughly the size of a food can, and connecting it to either a floor stand, crib mount, or mobile docking station helps move it back and forth. It has a light grain center that holds the camera and has no red light for night vision. This makes it easier for the baby to fall asleep, followed by the night vision that offers a black and white video with a clear view. The camera provides a 135-degree field of view.

Setting Up And Using Cubo Ai Plus:

The Cubo Ai Plus must be installed correctly for better camera angles and smooth working. It is a lengthy process as many types of equipment are associated with it, but it is quick and easy, thanks to the intelligent guide. After setting up the camera, an app is installed on android or iOS and an account is created. After setting up a password, the QR code will be generated on the phone and scanned by the camera. By doing this, the camera is connected to wifi. After that, update the firmware to complete the installation process.

Cubo Ai Plus Premium:

You get one day’s sleep report of your baby for free, but after that, to view 30 days of of historical events, you have t0 subscribe to Cubo Ai Plus Premium for $8 per month, $45 for six months, and $80 annually.

Some Special Features:

Cubo Ai camera has some unique features that make it unique from the other models:
● Accurate Cry Detection, the important feature, gives you a notification when it detects your baby’s cry.
● Cough Detection is a very fantastic feature. It catches a baby’s cough and gives you a notification if something wrong happens.
● Two Way Audio is a smart system installed in this app that offers a clear voice and enables the voice of your young one.
● Environmental Sensors have made it easier for parents. The temperature and humidity of your baby’s room are shown on the app and tell whether the temperature is average or increased.
● Customized Alerts also enable you to set a danger zone and give the notification alert if your child is entering that danger zone that you set. You can allow sleep safety alerts on your phone and set alarms.
● It is also Smart Home Compatible.

Sleep Monitoring:

The Cubo Ai Plus takes care of sleep analytics in which a baby’s health and sleep time are all given in a single report on your phone. The 18-hour playback recording enables you to view the past events of your baby, but if you want to save it for a lifetime, then you should have a Cubo one-year premium. There are built-in lullabies to help your child sleep peacefully, controlled directly by the app.

Personal photographer:

This Cubo Ai Plus can also act like your baby’s personal photographer. There is an automatic photo capture installed on the baby monitor. The Ai can detect whether the baby is smiling or crying and automatically captures the picture and saves it.

Danger Zone Alert:

The Cubo Ai Plus gives you an option to set a danger zone. When your baby goes near that zone, the baby monitor warns you.

Safety Alert:

The Cubo Ai is very beneficial for detecting whether a baby’s face is covered with a blanket or if the baby is stuck when rolling over. These tend to be some cases that are a parent’s nightmare, and having a reliable monitor gives you the necessary peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your child even when in another room with a camera.


Overall, the Cubo Ai plus is a suitable device for parents. It can detect crying and rollover and also gives
alerts about it. The quality of the video is sharp and clear, day and night. The clean two-way Audio has
made it easier for parents to communicate with their children and hear them. The temperature and
humidity sensors are very beneficial. The most important feature is sleep analytics.


With the advantages,, there are some cons in which the first thing is its price. The baby monitor is a
costly camera. Some of the features of this device require a subscription

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