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Do Car Seat Bases Expire

Do Car Seat Bases Expire?

Do car seat bases expire? Yes
Do they get worn off very quickly? No

Just like every other thing, the car seat bases also come with an expiry date. Car seat bases are an extra piece of device that is fitted on the vehicle using a seat belt. It also gives you the freedom to attach an infant seat and turn it on and off easily.

Once you place the seat on the base and press it, it automatically secures it. Moreover, there’s also a button to detach the seat from the base. Some seats have indicators to show if the baby’s seat is properly fitted or not. This is always great to double-check the security when it comes to your kids’ safety. Other baby seats come with a base that stays in the car while you can detach the seat.

Each seat bases are different and don’t follow a standard size. Hence, it’s important to ensure that it’s compatible with the car model. After all, it’s all about the perfect fit.

Popular Brands For Car Seat Bases

We all are familiar with the struggle and hustle one has to go through to get the perfect item for your family. Thanks to multiple brands out there, we have a lot of options that you can choose from. Chicco, Britax, Graco, and Baby Trend are few to name. Expiry date for each brand and product is different and that’s why it’s important to check the manufacturing date usually found on the bottom of the item.

  • Chicco
  • Britax
  • Graco

What Happens When A Seat Base Expires?

What it means to have a seat expire is that its overall quality has been compromised and the locking mechanism may fail to function properly. When this happens, the base of the car seat does not hold the car seat as firmly as it should. Needless to say, using an expired car seat can be a major safety risk to your child.

But, there is no need to guess when your car seat will expire. The manufacturer usually indicates the expiration date.

How Can You Check Your Car Seat Expiry Date?

Generally speaking, you will observe a sticker under the seat with its expiry date. A similar applies to the seat base. Simply turn over the seat and you should find that on the back. Then again, a few brands show the expiry date on the shell behind the pad. Remove the seat pad and take a look if it isn’t at the base.

In case you can’t find the expiry date of your seat, call its manufacturer and request help. You ought to never utilize a seat without confirming first that it is safe for your child.

For How Long Are The Base Seats Good?

Base seats do expire. You need to take extra care of bases and seats. It is normal that car bases can last for up to 6 years until they are deemed unsafe or expired. It is recommended that one should register his car seats with the manufacturer. This would ensure that the person would receive up-to-date information and other safety changes. One would also be able to receive potential reminder calls-the
recalls. Recalls are free of cost and one could receive a brand new seat free of cost.

Traveling in a car with newborns can be dangerous but traveling with an expired seat base is even more dangerous.

Factors to Consider that Cause the Seat Bases to Expire.

1.Wear and Tear

A new and fresh base would have smooth and rigid coatings and swift mechanisms. Whereas a used base’s mechanisms become less effective, and hence are less safe in case of an accident. Damage or wear could prevent it from gripping the car and is likely to be detached.


Weather has a direct influence on the base seat. The sunlight coming in directly from the windows of the car can break down the plastic. Extreme cold and hot weather also affects the material of the base seat as it may expand or shrink when exposed to drastic temperatures. These temperature changes, coupled with multiple uses can damage the seat and its base over time. It can start with a micro fracture that is
invisible to the naked eye but soon it can rupture in the event of an accident.

3.Size of the Baby

The size of the baby also affects the longevity of the car seat. As the child grows his weight also increases and this weight compresses the base, affecting its quality. In case the seat is being used by a kid who’s overweight or old, it can affect the seat base.

4. Safety Regulations

The safety regulations of bases change with the passing time. Safety’s a massive topic which gets updated regularly. With passing time select bases that fulfills the standards of safety. An old car seat might not meet new safety standards or take advantage of the latest developments to ensure the maximal safety of your child.

5. Naughty Children

If your kids, like all other ones, bring in a thunder in the car, it causes small cracks. And these cracks could eventually harm the seat and toys, food, or other objects getting stuck and in turn, jamming the latching mechanisms that could harm the base.

What Should You Do with Your Expired Car Seats?

When the car seat expires, stop using it immediately. It’s a good idea to cut the strap so that no one else can use it for the same purpose and endanger their kid. You can then call the manufacturer or check online to see if there is a car seat sales program or recycling company near you. This can help get rid of an expired car seat. Some companies may give you a discount on a new car seat if you bring in your old car seat.

The truth is that the car seat will expire. But what many parents don’t know is whether the child seat base will expire.

After many years of use, these practical products will inevitably wear out. Therefore, it is important to check for damage on a regular basis and ensure that the child seat base is up to date before reusing it for another child. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as to whether continued use a particular car seat base is recommended.

However, actively checking your device for damage on a regular basis can also help. If you have an accident, replace it. Also, be careful about product recalls. Yes, you need to be especially vigilant to become a parent! Your child’s life depends on it.

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