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Owlet Cam Smart Baby Monitor

Owlet Cam Baby Monitor, Wide Lens, Two Way Communication System
Owlet Cam is an intelligent cam that works very efficiently in seeing and listening to your little one when you are not in the house or are in a different room. This monitor is specially designed for the young ones helping the parents to view their child’s vital signs. It can track heart rate and blood oxygen levels to help parents take care of their children with special needs. This system does not require any subscription fee but is costly due to its unique features. The camera has a 1080p sharp video and supports night vision via infrared LEDs that give a transparent black and white video. The two-way communication system also
helps the parents talk to their children and hear them. It is a wireless device with Wi-Fi technology.


Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Compatibility: Android, iOS
Video Quality: 1080p
Night Vision: Yes
Storage None
Tilt: No
Field of Vision: 130 degrees

Owlet Baby Monitor Set:

The Owlet Cam consists of a quick guide for the smooth working of the camera. It also includes a cable and cable guard, wall mounting kit, magnetic base, and a camera with access to live video and audio streaming. The primary component is an Owlet sock and the base station.

Design and Features:

The Owlet Cam is roughly the shape of an egg. This device gives a 1080p sharp video and a 130-degree field of view. It has a two-way communication system that enables you to talk to your little one and helps hear your child’s voice. It also supports background audio to listen to your child’s voice even when using another app on your smartphone. The camera digitally zooms about 4x. The environmental sensor detects the temperature which is displayed on the app. The quality of the audio is not that good. It also gives an excellent quality at night due to night vision through the infrared LEDs giving a clear and sharp
black and white video. The app also stores the historical events of the baby’s sleeping and awakening period.

Set Up and Using Owlet Cam:

To set up the Owlet Cam, you must install the Owlet Care App on your Android or iOS. Now plug in the camera from the set and wait for the device to say “ready to pair.” Now enter the Wi-Fi information. The QR code on the screen will be shown, which you should put in front of the camera. The device is directly connected to the smartphone for smooth working. The camera can also be mounted on the wall or set up on the table or shelf.

Owlet Sock and It’s Working:

Along with the cables and camera, this device also consists of an Owlet sock with a base station. The sock detects the breathing rate and oxygen rate of the baby. The base station provides different colors according to the function, and the brightness of the colors can also be lowered by just touching the top of the base station for a few seconds. The base gives the yellow light if the sock is not in the right place.

It gives blue light if the distance between the sock and base is much and gives red light if the child’s oxygen level drops or heartbeat increases.


  • The single app gives the whole of the information about the sock and the camera. This device detects heart rate and blood oxygen level in the body, and the best of all is that there is no subscription fee


  • The base of Owlet Cam connects with the socks through Bluetooth, which limits the range. You can not invite other users without sharing your Wi-Fi credentials.

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