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Prince Lionheart Bottle Warmer (2022 Review)

Prince Lionheart bottle warmer is liked for its travel or on-the-go features. This reusable bottle warmer is the best product especially for the parents of newborn babies. It is very easy to keep and use and easily warms up the baby bottles or jars even while you are traveling.

Product features:

  1. Reusable and travel supportive bottle warmer. It can easily fit in your baby’s diaper bags.
  2. No need for batteries or electricity.
  3. The bottle stays warm from 1 to 4 hours.
  4. Easy to use and reset.
  5. It is effective.
  6. It is Latex Free, BPA Free, Nitrosamine Free, and Phthalate Free.
  7. Very cheap (costs only 16 to 19 $).

How to Prince Lionheart Bottle Warmer?

It has a silver tab just pop it to heat up and it will start heating the liquid by making it hard so that you realize that it is done. Then you can boil the hot water for about 10 to 15 minutes to bring it back to the liquid and make sure to let it cool down properly before reusing it. It comes with a zipper bag so you can simply put a bottle within the insulated sleeves and zip lock it in the bag to keep your baby’s bottle warm throughout the way you are out with the baby. You might need to heat it again after a few hours but it depends on the use and the number of times you put in and bring out the bottle from the bag.


  • It has no chargers or chords. So you can keep it anywhere while at a walk, at the airport, or in the car while travelling. It converts into crystallized warm solid and then turns back into liquid when boiled, which means you can easily keep a check on it while preparing it for use. It can easily fit in any travel or baby diaper bag. It is safe and secure.


  • It is not very quick like other bottle warmers with batteries or electricity supported. It is just a one-time deal. Means once you turn it off accidentally you have to boil it again. So, if you are on a long trip you might need some source to boil it again and again or find some other way to help you out in getting warm baby milk or food. Boiling must also take a little patience and time. So you can’t use it while in a hurry. But I think if it’s travel warmer then you must be very patient to prepare everything before taking off to the trip. This way that might not be a big deal.


I think the only precautionary measure you have to take is not to boil the water too much because it might burst and that will obviously lead you to some danger and tough situation especially while traveling when you have no backup option to prepare or feed your baby.

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