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Types of Umbrella Stroller

7 Types of Umbrella Stroller for Toddlers Trending in Market

There are many types of strollers but amongst them, one is an umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers are the most demanded strollers nowadays because they are easy to carry. Buy Best Products For Your Baby Umbrella stroller was invented by William Kent in 1965 specially designed for (12-36 months babies) toddlers and have an umbrella-like hood covering on top named “Umbrella Stroller”. Folded up they look like an umbrella that is the reason behind its name.

Types of Umbrella stroller

1. Cloud Umbrella Stroller

Cloud Umbrella Stroller has a cloud shape hood at the top. It covers a great area of toddlers’ faces and protects him from sunlight.

2. Double Umbrella Stroller

A double umbrella stroller contains two umbrella hood connected together. Enhances the overall look and provides more ease to toddler. Besides being a double umbrella stroller it is very handy to carry.

3. Gb Pockit Umbrella Stroller

Gb pocket stroller is the smallest and compact umbrella stroller after folding presently available in the market. Registered in Guinness World Record for being the most compact stroller after folding.

4. Rear-Facing Umbrella Stroller

In the rear-facing umbrella stroller baby lies down facing the rear side of the stroller. It provides a good position for the toddlers who are using the stroller for the first time. They can face their guardian and will not feel alone.

5. Reclining Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers also come with the option of reclining. It seems like they are resting on their bed. There are two types of reclining umbrella strollers.

5.1 Half Reclining Umbrella Strollers

Half reclining umbrella strollers are only capable of reclining to a certain angle and it cannot recline more than the half-angle of the stroller.

5.2 Full Reclining Umbrella Strollers

Whereas, full reclining umbrella strollers can fully recline and they have no hindrance and it can be flat when it is fully reclined.

6. Reversible Umbrella Stroller

Reversible umbrella strollers are the strollers which are capable of turning their face to both directions.

7. Side By Side Double Umbrella Stroller

Two strollers are attached side by side for carrying more than one toddler is called a Side by Side Double Umbrella Stroller.

8. Triple Umbrella Stroller

Triple umbrella stroller was invented for carrying three at a time. Each of them can lie in the stroller and there are total of three umbrellas each one for a single baby.

9. Travel Umbrella Stroller

Travel Umbrella Strollers are light in weight and their maneuverability is very ideal for a baby while traveling because they will provide a hustle free traveling experience.

10. Jeep Umbrella Stroller

The name of the Jeep umbrella stroller is derived because the front looks like a jeep.

Accessories for Umbrella Stroller

1. Baby Accessories Bag

Stroller bags are the essential accessories of any stroller. The bottle of the baby can be carried along in the bag and there is ample storage space for keeping the toys of the baby.

2. Toy Holder

Baby has no concern with its surroundings his/her all attention will be towards his toys. If the bay gets bored in the stroller then only toys can give joy. Umbrella strollers for toddlers always contain a toy holder as an accessory.

3. Stroller Clips

Winter season is very hard for babies to be around in the stroller and carrying the baby in winter stroller clips will help. These clips are used for fastening the blanket with the head or foot of the stroller to provide warmth to the baby and keep him safe from windy weather.

4. Stroller Weather Shield

Weather shield cover protects the baby from bad weather rather it is a hot sunny day or a windy evening. The cover also protects the stroller from fast blowing small particles of sand.

5. Umbrella Stroller Bag

Umbrella stroller bag will be needed during traveling. After folding the bag can carry the stroller.

6. Umbrella Stroller Connectors

Umbrella stroller connectors join two strollers together. Twins can be carried together by connecting to strollers.

7. Umbrella Stroller Handle Extender

Tall parents hold the handle extender to carry the umbrella without leaning forward. Altogether a great accessory for tall parents.

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